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Before naming your puppy read this book.

Since man first discovered fire, the dog has been his faithful friend. Right through the ages the dog has been there, by his master’s side, helping him hunt, herd his livestock, guarding his home or simply providing company. His loyalty and devotion has been the inspiration for countless songs, poems and legends; and his agreeable nature has made him the perfect playmate and companion for young and old alike.

The Naming Your Dog is the beginning of a relationship.

The relationship that exists between a dog and his owner is very special one; it starts the day you bring your pup home. The first building block of this relationship is put in to place when you are naming your puppy, but most new dog owners find that choosing a puppy name is not as easy as they first thought.

Seasoned dog owners have all been through it. First you look at the popular dog names, then the unusual dog names, what about a cool name?

Does it even matter what you name your puppy?
PROVEN FACT - Yes it does - your puppy's name really matters.

Think about it, you will be using the dog's name dozens of times each day, many thousands of times each year. The repetition of the dogs name so many times will have its effect on both of you.

The puppy name you choose will form one of the foundation stones upon which you will build a very special relationship. Don't forget, with love and a little bit of training, this little mischief maker is going to become your friend and protector. Our favorite dog training manual has just been updated and improved you can read our review of the latest version of sitstayfetch here.

I've written a free book to help you with the pleasant task of naming your puppy.

Inside your dog naming ebook you will find..

  • A list of over a thousand of the best dog names with meanings and origins.
  • Numerological interpretations of all the names listed.*(see below)
  • Full instructions plus everything you need to analyze any cool dog name that you may have thought of but I haven't included.
  • How your dog will likely behave most of the time.
  • How and why sometimes he might surprise you.
  • What master numbers are and why they are considered so important.
  • And much more..

*Q. What is numerology and how can it help me choose a puppy name?

A. Well, let's first explain what it is not, it is not new, nor is it "new age". Numerology is an ancient science of the study of numbers, and the manner in which they reflect certain character tendencies.

The grandest families in Europe still employ numerologists when an important decision needs to be made, and they are not on their own, modern bank and communication companies are now getting their building plans checked by numerologists. Why? Because it is a competitive world and it has been proven to increase their chances of success.

See the first few pages of the book here, it's part of the background of numerology. Your dogs name is important, please give it the attention it deserves. To get your copy simply use your primary email as your password then click the "Free Access!" button.

(All information is confidential - I also detest spam and do not contribute to it.)

Your Pets Horoscope

It is also fun to look at the star sign of your new puppy, read it and over the coming weeks see if I am right. You can see them here pet horoscopes.

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Train your Puppy Dog
This is our choice for the best dog training manual. Click here to read our sitstayfetch review. Puppy obedience training is a joy with the right manual.

The Best Dog Training Books Reviewed

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"How To Pick The Perfect Dog Name"

free dog name ebook

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In Depth Astrology Report For Your Pet.








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